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The Best Price, Quality & Warranty in NJ @ 201-681-0060: Green Apple Roofing of Ocean & Monmouth County. Roof leak repair in Toms River & Lakewood New Jersey. We are the gutter, siding and home exterior specialists. We also have a contracting team in NYC.

Nothing is more important for than the exterior of ones home. That is why we stress having the best gutter & leaders systems available today. Seamless gutters are a great way to improve the functionality of your roofing system. High quality vinyl siding along with strong shingles and membranes will go a long way for a homeowner.

Roofing Tips For Queens & Brooklyn Homes

Ice damming is notorious for destroying the exterior of homes. Ice damming occurs when water accumulates on the siding or roofing and freezes. Then, when the weather will eventually become warmer the ice will melt into your home. Most home exteriors cannot handle the amount of water and pressure that the damming brings on. The only way to really deal with ice damming on a roof is to have a contractor install extremely high grade membranes on top of your home. Monmouth & Ocean county roofing suffer greatly from weather brought upon them by the Jersey shore. These conditions certainly include ice damming. This is why all residents in this area are advised to have a roofing contractor and estimator inspect their home prior to the stormy season. Proper maintenance is really your only defense when it comes to the exterior of your home. Once the water seeps into a home the cost of repair becomes a lot worse than the maintenance that would have avoided that repair. Better roofing maintenance for a better home is more than just a motto, it is the proper way of life for a homeowner.

The Best Roofing Styles in New York & NJ

The type of home exterior you choose will be crucial to your home. Today we can choose from a variety of roofing styles from slate, shingle, metal rubber, tile, green and more. The right choice will depend on the climate and the needs of the homeowner. Today there is even quality roofing that is environmentally friendly. Even popular exteriors like tile and rubber are often made solely from recycled material. Those who want to be really "green" can go all out and actually cover their roof-top with plants. Nowadays, style, roofing and the environment go together. Most modern styles today do nor have a deep focus on the environment.Eco-system. Some of these styles that are most commonly used in New Jersey include shingle, flat and bonnet roofing. In conclusion, while modern roofing is still the best choice available for New jersey residents, there are many options today that are of quality and good for the environment. To learn more and understand which options are most suitable for your home please give us a call today.

Roofing Problems & Exterior Contractor Solutions

Some homeowners have a hard time dealing with older home exteriors in trying to decide whether to finally replace the roof or if one more repair might be a better idea. There are plenty of things to consider before hiring professional roofers. Homeowners must take the time to evaluate the current condition of their roof and get the opinions of roofers on how best to proceed.

Factors that should be given a lot of attention is leaks and other complications. Other than it’s price, roof replacement can take up a lot of time that many homeowners just are not ready for at the given moment. But having to constantly repair your home exterior can rack up more costs and time. In many cases, replacement would be the more economical choice as the upfront costs will save money when compared to an extended time-frame.

If you have leaks, the whole structure will eventually be affected since leaks can affect walls, ceilings, floors, and other parts of your home. When you have large leaks, you need to be extra careful as the whole area surrounding the leak is likely damaged and is in a weakened state.

For instances like this, most professional exterior roofers would recommend replacing the entire affected area.

What should be considered before calling in the professionals?

You need to consider the materials used, the maintenance requirements now and what they will be after the repairs, the weather in your area, and of course the cost of it all. Professional contracting services will conduct an inspection of your roof to see the complete extent of the damage and give you recommended options. Get multiple opinions from experienced GAF roofing contractors if you don’t already have a trusted contracting company. Here are a few other things homeowners should consider before making their final decision:

● How old is the roof?

● What is the current state of the roof?

● Has the roof endured severe weather (ie. leaving your roof white for weeks after a snow storm)?

● Was there any faults in the original design?

● Were defective materials used in the first installation?

● Does the roof have repeating problems that have been repaired numerous times?

● Would a different roof style provide more efficient protection and additional benefits?

There are a lot of things to take in determined by the first roof installation, the materials used, and the weather. The age of the roof is probably the biggest factor when considering roof replacement. The average roof lasts for roughly 15 years before needing replacement in areas with extreme weather. Poor maintenance will decrease a it's lifespan and damage the outermost layers. A lack of seasonal inspections and maintenance will make it very hard to save a roof.

If you have leaks often, the interior walls will also need to be examined. You need to look for signs of seepage around your home. These usually leave visible moisture marks around different parts of your house. Weather conditions like constant rain, hail, snow, wind, and strong sunlight will need to be considered. Be the Kings and Queens of your home exterior and speak with your roofer about these things to find a good balance between them and your available budget, time allotment, and options available. A proper contract with sufficient insurance coverage will be prioritized when making this decision.

We would like to give a shot out to a contractors on the other side of the Hudson River that is a true professional. They are a full service contractors that handles every aspect of the home exterior service. We would like to thank Abraham Roofing of Long Island, NY for all their help. Their mailing address is: Abraham Roofing 23 Blake Ave, Lynbrook, NY 11563 (80) 347-0913 http://www.Abrahamroofing.com

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